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A Gift for Reducing Anxiety

Recently I decided I want to teach a workshop for reducing anxiety. In doing my research for the class I discovered this awesome online course that I am in love with! It’s SUPER good and I’ve learned a lot already - and I’m not even finished with it yet! The biggest realization I have had so far is that facing your fears is the best way to keep anxiety down. I had no idea that avoidance intensifies anxious feelings!! Well, to be more accurate, avoidance reduces anxiety temporarily but in the long run it makes it worse. The course is FREE and ONLINE, so I thought I would just share the link with you as a Valentine’s Day gift:

Emma McAdam

Emma McAdam is a fun, honest and engaging teacher (and no, i am not getting paid to say this).Here are a few more tidbits I've picked up from the course so far:

  • The only people who don’t feel anxiety are dead people.

  • Attempts to escape anxiety is actually what ruins our lives, not anxiety itself

  • If your only goal is to feel less sad/stress, you’ll end up shrinking your life.

  • Over doing and perfectionism are sneaky forms of avoidance - and they increase anxiety

  • Some anxious emotions include: dread, foreboding and vigilance. 

Cheers to less anxiety and more self discovery!

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