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Mandy Baucum

Hi! I'm Mandy.

Your new best friend for feeling great in your body and living your truth.

"Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are."

Welcome Dear Seeker,


Are you here because you want to make a change in your body or your life? Are you here because you are looking for a new, better, outside-of-the-box way to make those changes? Have you tried physical therapy, massage, yoga classes or counseling but you found them frustrating, or you didn't get the results you wanted? Or maybe they helped you up to a point, but then you plateaued. Do you have this feeling that a lot more is possible? That you CAN feel better? Enjoy life even more? Maybe you feel like you just need to find the right approach, or the right person?


Well, I think you just might be in the right place! Let me tell you about my approach to body pain and personal growth and let's see if it resonates with you.

Lilly Crowheart

“I love your classes! You lay it all out so well and I have seen incredible change in my body. Thank you!”

Lynn Swift

“Mandy makes it possible for everyone to do every exercise. She is an unusually astute, capable teacher who is completely tuned in to her students.”

Sean Pierce

“I need to say thank you very much, I went for a walk yesterday with less pain than usual because of you.”
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